Super Specialty Services


Department of Urology is running all types of Uro Surgeries for Kidney, Ureter, Bladder and prostate are Being Performed the Minimal Invasive technique using State of the Equipment the latest Facilities like Flexible Ureteroscopy, Laser etc. are available in the department.

  • Trauma & Emergency

  • Rirs (Flexible Ureteroscopy + Laser Lithotripsy)

  • Miniperc (Pcnl Through Very Small Tract Using Laser)

  • Pcnl (For Kidney Stones)

  • Urs (For Ureteric Stones)

  • Turp (For Prostate Enlargement)

  • Turbt (For Bladder Tumour)

  • Urethroplasty / Oiu (For Stricture Urethra)

  • Pyecoplasty (For Puj Obstruction)

  • Av Fistula (For Harmo Dialysis)

  • Uro Oncology (Consultation And Management Ofurological Malignancies)

  • Andrology & Infertility